One of my early mentors used to say this all the time. No matter how horrible a company or a person was to us, he used to say that it was better to resist the temptation to strike back in anger. It will come back to help us in the long run.

Keeping the bridge.

I always remembered that. It is so true. I have seen it happen time and time again. People I disagreed with but humbly, have become friends. They admired respectful disagreement with them. Competitors became partners. People move on and become allies.

Stay true to your beliefs even during stressful times.

So what do you do? 

  • Find people to trust. People that have the same values as you. They are rare so treasure them and don’t let them down.
  • If you know it is wrong, don’t do it – no matter what is whispered in your ear.
  • Believe in yourself. Take care of your entire being. So much of our time is spent with our mind… don’t ignore the rest.
  • Forgive. We all make mistakes so don’t be hard on others or yourself.

Many smart people forget about burning bridges. If you only do it when it is easy, it doesn’t count. I would love to hear your story about this. So little is said in the business world about how to survive and thrive in relation to relationships!